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Flowing through the foothills of North Western Pennsylvania lies French Creek Valley. The Valley I have grown to know and love is still teaming with wildlife and especially raccoons. A number of years ago my wife, daughters, and I decided to return to this area. It was 26 years before that we said yes to the Lord and sold everything we had and left to become missionaries. It was time to settle down after all those years and the opportunity came to purchase my grandparents home along with a few acres overlooking French Creek Valley.

Life had been good and I began to dream of having a Big N Blue hound like I had owned years before. Searching hard and following every lead I located a well bred Gascon pup in central Wisconsin and paid to have her air shipped to Erie PA. The name I gave her was FCV Blue Sky. With the hopes and dreams of clear skies ahead. Sky has always been special in my heart and over the years produced some fine offspring. She is always ready to go to the woods. FCV Smoke came to me as a blessing from a man named Bill Kuric of Union City, PA. Bill was unable to hunt and was willing to give Smoke to me with the terms that I would put him in the woods.

The combination of Smoke and Sky became the foundation of all the hounds here at French Creek Valley Kennel. It is important here at French Creek Valley Kennel that a hound has the natural ability that sets the Gascon apart from to-days standard Blueticks. That special sound they produce, that ability to open a track long before the others. That noble long eared hound that wants to be part of the family of hounds that we know and respect. The Gascon Hound Breeders understand what a shame it would be to loose these great hounds of the past. It is our goal to produce quality hunting hounds.

Each year we produce a few litters and each year we hear good reports of those who have decided to give one a try. Our hounds are UKC and American Blue Gascon Hound Association Reg. You won't find a bunch of Grand Nite & Nite Champions in our hound’s pedigrees. In fact in most Gascon Hounds you won’t find any. They are what most call pleasure hounds. Not to fast, not to slow but don't miss much. When you hear that long bawl carrying over a mile + you'll understand.

If your unable to acquire a Gascon and share our vision say a prayer for us here at French Creek Valley Kennel, that would be much appreciated.

I would like to thank all those who have prayed for me over the last few years and also would say I'm feeling much better.

• Life member of American Blue Gascon Hound Association . Received Member of the Year Award in 2005 & 2012 also served as President, Vice President, Inspector General, Secretary and Treasurer.

• Life member of the Crawford County Coon Club Cambridge Springs, PA. served as President, Vice President, Secretary and Hunt Coordinator.
UKC ranked our club as 8th. in the country and printed a writeup on it. Dec. 2006 issue of Bloodlines.

• Presently serving as Administrator of American Blue Gascon site on facebook.

French Creek Valley Gascons
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